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Wiggzaro live at RAWFEST 2015

Wiggzaro live at Passing Clouds, London. short promo edit

Wiggzaro’s “Emerge into the Light” album artwork explained part 1

Wiggzaro’s Trinity Dance



Release your rhythm within and shake your body awake to the magic of Wiggzaro’s Transformational World Tribal Live Electronic Dance Music.

South African born, London based producer and musician Wiggzaro takes you on a journey through a plethora of musical landscapes, cultural influences and textures of sonic compositions which see a fusion between live performance and electronic music.

Drawing from different aspects of world, tribal, downtempo, house and trance music trends, Wiggzaro creates guitar driven dance music that is augmented with positive, uplifting and consciously minded lyrics. His stage performance encompasses an energetic combination of instruments, technology and dancers who move the audience into an ecstatic journey of personal transformation on the dance-floor

Wiggzaro has performed at festivals such as Sunrise Festival, Into the Wild Gathering, Earthdance, London’s Mind Body Spirit Festival, Festival of Life, British Yoga Festival, Actif Aum, Gaunts Summer Gathering, TLC Unity Gathering, Tribal Earth, Rawfest, Pulse, Cosmogenesis and Waveform. He has also performed at many of London’s underground conscious dance scene events such as WeAreOne, One Love Tribal Gathering, The Big Bang Experience, Onespirit and HeavenOnEarth and has had featured appearances at London venues such as The Union Chapel, Passing Clouds, Inspiral Lounge, Proud Camden, Mother Live, Camden Rock and the Roadhouse to name a few.

Having an ingrained passion for live performance and with an eclectic mix of cultural influences, Wiggzaro is equally at home at yoga, ecstatic dance, transformational and alternative spiritually orientated festivals as is he at electronic and psychedelic dance, world and mainstream music festivals.

Fan Feedback

“Wiggz, it was such an honour to watch you play at Thymeless Tings last night! I was blown away! It was like a journey to the source of it all! Your music touched my soul; you really are plugged into the Source. Amazing. Thank you! I couldn’t stop smiling. And your lyrics are so beautiful. Wow. I am loving your album so much. Thank you.”
– Lisa Davison, JHB, South Africa

“Wiggzaro came to Tribal Earth 2013 and performed on Saturday night on our open-air Castle Stage. His uplifting, conscious and infectiously danceable music had the crowd jumping and grooving. The quality of his backing tracks with live percussion, guitar and vocal was the perfect combination for our festival. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and his music to any event that wants dancing, party and consciousness rolled into one well performed package.”
– Mark Fisher ( band booker for Tribal Earth festival) London, UK.

“Just the most wonderful night, thank you Wiggz! You were truly awesome. Brilliant music, brilliant performces, a magical show surrounded by beautful souls. It was where I would like to be every evening.”
– James Marsh, London, UK

“Extraordinary album! I am a 5rhythms dance teacher in Australia and will be playing a selection of your tracks to dance on 21.12.12. Couldn’t be more perfect!! Thank you for your creation and incredible offering. Blessings through this joyous time of transition.”
– Honor Morningstar, Australia

“Had an AWESOME night at Wiggzaro’s Album launch party @ the amazing Passing Clouds. An ingenious fusion of indigenous beats set to electronic dance music it’s just so uplifting. Watching the man himself light up the stage and take the crowd on a rhythmic journey into glorious sound felt like watching a psychedelic Jesus preaching with a guitar!”
– Jenna-Lee Anderson, london, UK

“BRILLIANT!!! Music and artwork are AMAZING!!! Such a fitting time for your super conscious album to be in production :)  So well done Wiggzaro ♥”
– Gaia Aum

“I love this album! It just keeps growing on me. Awesome work!”
– Barrett Jakeman