Release your rhythm within

Hi, I’m Wiggzaro, a South African-born, London-based musician inviting you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of live electronic dance music. My musical journey explores a fusion of world, tribal, house, and trance influences, creating a guitar driven dance-inducing symphony complemented by positive, consciously minded and uplifting lyrics.

From electrifying performances at festivals to gracing iconic London venues, I aim to seamlessly blend a dynamic stage presence with cutting-edge technology and mesmerising dancers. Join me in celebrating the human experience across diverse cultural and sonic influences. Step into my sound vortex, find your rhythm and let’s embark on a transformative sonic odyssey together. Release your rhythm within and shake your body awake….


After spending many years out of the music performance scene, Wiggzaro is back… with a fresh perspective and a renewed and deeper sense of self-awareness. Having an ingrained passion for live performance and with an eclectic mix of cultural influences, Wiggzaro is equally at home at yoga, ecstatic dance and alternative spiritually orientated festivals as is he at electronic, psychedelic dance music and world music festivals.

Wiggzaro has performed at festivals such as Sunrise Festival, Into the Wild, TLC Unity Gathering, Angsbacka Tantra Festival, Tribal Earth, Rawfest, Pulse, Cosmogenesis, Earthdance and Waveform, London’s Mind Body Spirit Festival, Festival of Life, British Yoga Festival, Actif Aum and Gaunts Summer Gathering. He has also performed at many of London’s underground conscious dance scene events such as WeAreOne, One Love Tribal Gathering, The Big Bang Experience, Onespirit and HeavenOnEarth and has had featured appearances at London venues such as The Union Chapel, Passing Clouds, Inspiral Lounge, Proud Camden, Mother Live, Camden Rock and the Roadhouse to name a few.


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Emerge into the Light

Emerge into the Light is an album that takes you on a journey through different landscapes, cultural influences and textures of sonic compositions that sees a fusion between live performance with electronic dance music. Drawing from different aspects of world music fused with modern house and trance music trends, this album is In essence guitar driven dance music that is fused with positive, uplifting and consciously minded lyrics…

The albums name “Emerge into the Light” is in direct reference to our evolution in human consciousness and our emergence from a world that has been plagued by fear and darkness into a world that is centred in love and light…



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