After spending many years out of the music performance scene working as a professional music producer recording and mix engineer, Wiggzaro has re-emerged out of his creative lair with his new album reigniting his artistic career. Having an ingrained passion for live performance and with an eclectic mix of cultural influence, Wiggzaro is equally at home at yoga, ecstatic dance and alternative spiritually orientated festivals as is he at electronic and psychedelic dance music, world music and mainstream music festivals.

Wiggzaro has performed at festivals such as Sunrise Festival, Into the Wild Gathering, Earthdance, London’s Mind Body Spirit Festival, Festival of Life, British Yoga Festival, Actif Aum, Gaunts Summer Gathering, TLC Unity Gathering, Tribal Earth, Rawfest, Pulse, Cosmogenesis and Waveform. He has also performed at many of London’s underground conscious dance scene events such as WeAreOne, One Love Tribal Gathering, The Big Bang Experience, Onespirit and HeavenOnEarth and has had featured appearances at London venues such as The Union Chapel, Passing Clouds, Inspiral Lounge, Proud Camden, Mother Live, Camden Rock and the Roadhouse to name a few.

“Emerge into the Light” has been a labour of love, requiring an immense amount of time, dedication, research, energy and thought. Already being an accomplished music producer, recording and mix engineer, Wiggzaro has in the process of completing this project, acquired and developed his skills in graphic design, doing his own album cover, posters and other promotional media as well as video editing while developing a series of promotional videos for his youtube channel.

All music, production, programming, mixing and mastering by Wiggzaro. Guest appearances by Tora Koike (congas, bongos and vocals), Kholeho Mosala (vocals), Plamina (vocals), Avi Esther (vocals), Kirat Randhawa (Vocals), Natty Natstar( Vocals), Jane Gaia (Shamanic Drum), Kanto Quena (Peruvian flutes), Lama Tashi Bapu (Tibetan chant), !Gubi (San bushmen story and mouthbow), Tony White (Digeridoo)

Released independently on Wiggzaro’s Junga Music label.

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